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Interactive Digital Signage (IDS)

Touch Displays:

IDS touch displays are available in four sizes with a choice of industry-leading touch technologies offering versatility across multiple market segments for a heightened user experience. The professional touch displays are developed for heavy duty use and can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation.

For additional information on the uses of touch display systems in markets like retail, corporate, healthcare or gaming, please click here.


IDS touch displays are designed to accommodate some very useful accessories. Internal computer modules are the perfect complement to Elo's touch displays. Using an internal computer module simplifies installation and improves the performance and reliability of your touch display. And the integrated web cam and NFC accessories mount to the touch displays and provide an integrated solution.

Software Solutions:

Elo has designed four easy-to-install touchscreen solutions for corporations, government agencies, medical facilities and higher educational institutions. The four Elo @ The Office Solutions come complete with all of the hardware, software, accessories and services that enable your lobby guests to better interact with employees and make your meeting participants more collaborative and productive.


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