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AccuTouch 3000U USB Controller

product discontinued December 2006; suggested replacement

3000U USB ControllerSpecifications for the 3000U controller (Part # 608244-000) include:


Supply Voltage and Current

  • +5 VDC, nominal (+4.35 to +5.25 VDC)
  • 50 mA, typical at +5 VDC. Average power dissipation is 0.25 W, typical
  • Power is obtained from 5V supply on the USB connector. No external power supply is needed. 
  • Total noise and ripple requirement must be less than 100mV (p-p) for frequencies below 1MHz, and less than 50mV (p-p) for frequencies above 1MHz.


  • USB High Speed
  • Plug and play compatible

Operating Modes

  • AccuTouch SmartSet protocol
  • Initial/Stream/ Untouch/ Z-axis Enable Modes

Touch Resolution

  • Approximately 4096x4096, 12 bit resolution

Conversion Time

  • Approximately 8.6 ms per coordinate set


  • MTBF greater than 250,000 hours per MIL-HDBK-217-F2 using the parts stress calculation method for the ground benign environment with an ambient temperature of 25°C



  • Operating: 0°C to 65°C
  • Storage: -25°C to 85°C


  • Operating: 10% to 90% RH, noncondensing
  • Storage: 10% to 90% RH, noncondensing

Operating Altitude

  • 10,000 ft maximum

Shock and Vibration

  • ISTA 2A standard for shock
  • Three axis sine wave, 50Hz to 2kHz, 1G, 2 minutes/Octave with dwell on resonance


  • Per EN 6100-4-2 1995: Level 4. Contact discharge 8kV, air discharge 15kV for USB and screen connector


  • The printed circuit board substrate is rated 94V0. All plastic components, such as headers and connectors, are also rated 94V0.
  • In addition, circuitry is protected by Raychem Polyswitches, which are UL recognized components.

Physical Characteristics


  • Four-layer surface-mount design with internal ground plane for EMI suppression


  • Total width: 2.28 inches (57.9 mm)
  • Total length: 3.50 inches (88.9 mm)
  • Total height: 0.65 inches (16.5 mm)
  • All mounting holes are plated through-holes for chassis ground connection. Refer to the drawings at the end of this document.

Connectors and Pin Definitions

  • The connector configuration permits the controller to be placed in-line between the touchscreen and a USB hub or host attachment.

USB Output Connector

The USB connector, P2, is a USB Series "B" receptacle as specified in section 6.5 of the USB specification, version 1.1. The pins are numbered as shown in Figure 1.

3000U USB Controller

Figure 1. P2, USB Board-Mounted Header and Cable-Mounted Plug

Table 1. USB Connector Pin Numbers and Signal Names

P2 pin number Signal name Standard wire color
shell shield drain wire

Touchscreen Connector

The touchscreen connector, P3, is a single row by five-position header with 0.025 inch square pins spaced on 0.100 centers. P3 mates with the receptacle on the AccuTouch touchscreen cable. The pins are numbered as shown in Figure 2.

3000U USB Controller

Figure 2. P3, AccuTouch Touchscreen Cable-Board Mounted Header and Cable-Mounted Plug

Table 2. AccuTouch Touchscreen Connector Pin Numbers and Signal Descriptions

P3 pin Signal name Signal function
1 H Drive signal attached to the touchscreen substrate upper right corner when viewed from a user's perspective.
2 X Drive signal attached to the substrate lower right corner
3 S "Sense" signal attached to the touchscreen coversheet
4 Y Drive signal attached to the substrate upper left corner
5 L Drive signal attached to the substrate lower left corner

LED Diagnostic Characteristics

The CTR-300000-AT-USB-00 controller has two LED status indicators.

A green LED (D1) indicates controller status as follows:

LED Blink Rate  Function
Once per second Normal condition, untouched state
On continuously Touched state
Twice per second Error detected

A second LED (D6) indicates USB status as follows:

LED State  Function
OFF Controller is not enumerated on USB
ON Controller is enumerated on USB, but there is no data transfer
Blinking USB data transfers between controller and host are occurring

Agency Approvals

  • Elo controllers are "CNR/USR" UL Recognized Components for USA and Canada, Category NWGQ2, Information Technology Equipment Including Business Equipment.
  • Elo controllers are TUV Bauart certified as components.
  • The 3000U controller has passed compliance testing under FCC Part 15 Class B limits with good margin.
  • Depending on the application, it may be necessary to pay special attention to system grounding and shielding, and it may be necessary to apply ferrite suppressor beads.
  • RoHS Declaration of Compliance (165K PDF)


Top View

3000U USB Controller

Thru-Hole Locations

3000U USB Controller

Bottom View

3000U USB Controller

Side View

NOTE: Side view values represent typical dimensions.

3000U USB Controller

3000U USB Controller Options - Cable PackOptions

Cable pack (Part # 310900-000) is used to install an AccuTouch 3000U controller inside the monitor. 

USB bulkhead mounting hardware is not included; you will need two 4x40 pan head screws.