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Use our Touchscreen Selector to sort, search and filter through our inventory of touchscreens and find exactly what you need. Or, use the links below to browse complete touchscreen information. Please note that touchscreens are sold as components-a controller is required to provide the interface between the touchscreen and the computer.

Product Overview Available
Products 1
Controllers Controller Chips Technology Details
Acoustic Pulse Recognition note 2     specifications;
how it works
Five-Wire Resistive
flat 2218A (dual)

COACh V (current)
COACh IV (legacy)
COACh III (legacy)
COACh IIs (legacy)
COACh (obsolete)

how it works
flat 4000U (USB)
4000S (serial)
how it works
Surface Acoustic Wave
flat 2701RSU (dual)   specifications;
how it works
Projected Capacitive
Optical     specifications;
Surface Capacitive flat 5020RSU (dual)   specifications;

1) Custom sizes are available for OEM opportunities.
2) Acoustic Pulse Recognition is available on LCD touchmonitors and touchcomputers only; it is not available on standalone touchscreens.

What Technology is Best for My Application?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, so Elo offers specific guidance in selecting the best technology for your application. For a detailed, technical comparison, see our comparison table.

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