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Discontinuation of Assorted CRT Desktops

April 9, 2002

The following products will be discontinued as of May 2002.

Size Obsolete Part #
Technology Color Upgrade
14" 263313-000
IntelliTouch Beige N/A
14" 740161-000
AccuTouch Gray N/A
15" 204088-000
IntelliTouch Beige 396036-000
15" 305504-000
AccuTouch Beige 748998-000
17" 319392-000
IntelliTouch Beige 045182-000
17" 709348-000
AccuTouch Beige 872230-000

Some of the benefits of these new products are:

  • Latest Technology keeps you ahead of the competition
  • Better Pricing for the Upgrade than the current offering
  • Innovative Design to reflect current market trends

Elo is making every effort to ensure this transition runs as smoothly as possible. Until the discontinuation date, availability of remaining stocks of these products is limited, so place your last time buy orders immediately.

All orders for existing stock will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. To place a "last time buy" order for this product, contact Elo Customer Service at 1-800-557-1458.