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Touchscreens at the Movies: Kinepolis Cinema Group Chooses Elo's Touchmonitors for Quick and Easy Ticket Vending

August 2002

KineTicketThe Kinepolis Group, a company founded in Belgium, grew over the last decade from a small family business owning a few local movie theaters, into Europe's most technologically advanced cinema group. Today, they have more then 20 multi- and megaplexes in 7 European countries - and they continue to grow (331 screens / 95.358 seats). As a forward-thinking company, Kinepolis developed KineTicketT, an innovative ticket-vending concept. It harnesses the power of touchscreen technology to reduce queuing at the cashiers' desks - visitors can now enter the complexes with the touch of a finger on Elo TouchSystems monitors. Elo TouchSystems, Inc., is the global leader in touch technology and a unit of Tyco Electronics.

Queues at the Cash Registers of Kinepolis Are Eliminated

The Kinepolis Group has installed a series of touchmonitors, printers and pay terminals in all of their Kinepolis multiplexes with the introduction of KineTicket, a new concept in ticket sales. The moviegoer now has the choice of either buying a ticket at the cash register, as before, or using the KineTicket service via the touchscreen and paying with their credit card. With KineTicket, the printer delivers a proof of payment with a unique barcode that can be exchanged for a film ticket at any checkpoint.

From a Family Business to a Unique Concept, or How It All Begun

At the end of the '80s, going out to the movies wasn't seen as exciting an experience as it once was. With the ever-increasing alternative leisure pursuits, improved film offering on TV and video rental as competitors, movie theaters lost a lot of their "magical attraction". At the same time, many theaters had become old fashioned and no longer met the visitors' expectations.

At that time, Albert Bert and Rose Claeys-Vereecke, co-chairmen of the family business, decided to focus the energy of their organization on initiatives that would lead to the "ultimate film experience" for every visitor. Christian Nolens, spokesman Kinepolis Group, comments: "Easy access, comfort and state of the art technology were their first concern; so Kinepolis built large complexes outside the city centers with plenty of parking spaces. And with an average of 16 screens (up to even 24 in some complexes), they can show all popular movies simultaneously at any given time of day!"

"Secondly, they looked at providing more comfort for the visitors. They decided to make their seats very comfortable, with plenty of legroom, and to provide a perfect view, even from the front row. It was also clear they needed to offer an experience not available at home. Kinepolis was the first to introduce the THX digital sound system as well as digital image to their theaters. They installed wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor projection screens. It was a hit from the start."

Touch Made its Entry to Solve Stress Factors

Christian Nolens: "At some point we realized the modernization program had to go even further. Kinepolis already had a positive experience with touch technology as our staff operated ordering system was based on Elo's AccuTouch 5-wire resistive technology. That's when we started to investigate how technology could take away some of the "stress factors" involved in going to the movies - long waiting lines at the cashiers was definitely a major one we wanted to solve, and we did it with Elo's touchmonitors".

Entuitive Touchmonitors with IntelliTouch Technology

KineTicketKinepolis needed touchscreens for their KineTicket concept. After extensive evaluation of the technologies from the major touchscreen manufacturers, Kinepolis opted for Elo's Entuitive touchmonitors. "We'd heard that IntelliTouch surface wave technology had a good reputation," says Christian Nolens, "and our tests confirmed it for a number of reasons. These included its elegant design, and its inherent reliability and stable operation. The cables, controls and speakers are fully integrated and the touchmonitor is easily bolted onto the tabletop. This fully integrated touchmonitor remains tamper-proof, even with heavy and aggressive use. And, last but not least, all these advantages came at the right price."

The Intuitive Nature of the Touch System

KineTicket"When the KineTicket system was installed, a promotion team assisted the moviegoers when using it for the first time. We soon realised they needed very little guidance and intuitively understood how to select and to pay for their movie" says Christian Nolens.

"As soon as the touchscreens were introduced, the staff at the cash registers had more time for reception and for customer service in general. Now, the cash staff focus on welcoming moviegoers and improving their experience with a friendly smile and a clear concise answer to their questions. A major asset for Kinepolis".

Why Elo's Entuitive 1525L Touchmonitor Was the Right Choice

For their project, Kinepolis chose Elo's 1525L 15-inch desktop LCDs with IntelliTouch surface wave touch technology. The touchmonitor with IntelliTouch technology offers drift-free, precise performance and operates with a finger or gloved hand, and comes with a 10-year warranty for the touchscreen. The Entuitive touchmonitor has a slim-line desktop case that is engineered for quick and simple installation and includes twin loudspeakers with video, touchscreen and power connectors within the base of the unit for an elegant touchmonitor solution.

Video formats supported include VGA/SVGA/XGA , max. resolution of 1024 x 768 at 72Hz. Panel brightness is 300 cd/m2. Additional features are digital on-screen display (OSD), a removable base, sealing and VESA mounting. In addition, the touchmonitor is available with options of serial or USB interfaces. Support is provided for Windows 9X/2000/NT, WinCE and Macintosh operating systems, and it meets all popular worldwide standards, including CE, TÜV, UL, FCC and cUL.

A Big Success

According to Kinepolis' International Marketing & Sales Manager, Jan Huyghe, "Kinepolis in Belgium has more than 13 million visitors, using Elo's touchscreens. The implementation of the touchscreens can be seen as a true success, nevertheless, the Group is not willing to rest on their laurels. The question we constantly ask ourselves: "Is there something else preventing the film-lover from visiting the cinema?" Queuing for snacks? Looking for a close parking space? Even here, we have a solution through touch. Ordering drinks in advance and picking them up in the fast lane, reserving a parking space or even a favourite seat, booked in advance, are the next developments Kinepolis is planning for the use of Elo's touch technology."


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