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Retail Point-of-Sale (POS)

Touchmonitor Solutions for RetailPOS

POSThe goal of store automation is to make checkout fast and easy for both the cashier and the customer. Touch POS systems speed and simplify cash register functions and reduce operator errors. In an industry in which employee turnover is high, touch POS can dramatically reduce training time, empowering sales and service staff to provide higher-quality customer interactions.

POSMore and more department stores, specialty chains, grocery stores, and convenience stores are discovering the benefits of Elo POS touchmonitors. Our versatile touchmonitors can also manage and streamline vital day-to-day business operations, performing inventory control, client management, appointment book, employee roster, clubs and client incentive, and client marketing functions.

Elo POS Touchmonitors

POSElo POS touchmonitors (such as the 1529L) are ideal in applications where cost, rugged design, and flexibility are top criteria. Packaged in different form factors, they are designed to be placed on existing retail display fixtures such as a countertop, customer service desk, or display case. Elo POS touchmonitors fit into less space, with a smaller footprint than all-in-one systems.

Elo POS TouchmonitorsElo offers POS touchmonitors with an array of integrated peripherals, along with the HID and OPOS software compatibility that application developers require. Options include magnetic stripe readers (MSR) and rear-facing customer displays, including a full 12" VGA monitor that can deliver targeted digital advertising at checkout or interact with the customer as an independent touchmonitor. Peripherals are always integrated ergonomically into the housing and designed to flow with the refined styling of the monitor.

Elo POS TouchmonitorsElo also offers customization for large retailers, as well as specialized OEM touchmonitors designed to be part of complete systems, from produce scales to self-checkout systems. Retailers will appreciate the long-lasting product cycle, as Elo controls the design, tooling, and production of the entire monitor.

Space-Saving Touchcomputers

Space-Saving TouchcomputersAll-in-one touchcomputers offer a complete system in the same footprint as our touchmonitor. Silent, fanless, and with full connectivity, they offer the ultimate in stylish, space-saving efficiency. Our touchcomputers are great for both POS and self-service applications.

  • Choice of solid-state embedded system or built-in hard drive
  • Integrated peripherals in a compact design
  • Four USB ports, two serial ports, Ethernet port, expansion slot, speakers and mouse and keyboard connectors
  • Choice of touch technology
  • Removable base—all components in display head

Designed for Touch

Elo POS TouchmonitorsElo monitors are designed for touch from the ground up, with fewer peripheral communication and power cables to ensure space-saving simplicity and clean and easy installation.

  • Full connectivity incorporated in the monitor, including a USB hub
  • Stable tilt bases that are removable or reversible for wall mounting, with mounting holes for countertop security
  • Spill-resistant sealing
  • Attractive styling from all angles, with cables hidden from user view
  • Controls on the side rather than the front, with a lockout function

Choice of Touch Technology

AccuTouch five-wire resistiveIntelliTouch surface waveCarrollTouch infraredElo surface capacitive

Elo touchmonitors are available with the touch technology you prefer:

  • AccuTouch five-wire resistive
    Activated with fingernail, glove, credit card, or any stylus. Keeps working with splashes, food, and grease on the touchscreen. Stands up to aggressive cleaning.
  • IntelliTouch surface wave
    Its pure glass construction is the ultimate in image quality and durability. Excellent for dry retail and self-service applications.
  • CarrollTouch infrared
    Highly durable, superior optics, also sealed against liquid splashing. Can be operated by credit card.
  • Elo surface capacitive
    The choice for those who require comparable functionality with existing systems.

With such a variety of products and technology, Elo is clearly the touchmonitor manufacturer of choice.

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