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TransportationThe main criteria when automating applications for the transportation market are simplicity, ease of use, and full compliance with safety regulations. On land, by sea, or in the air, more and more OEMs and systems integrators in the transportation arena are turning to touch as the most natural solution to enhance the end-user interface.

Whether it's quickly determining your exact location on the ground, breezing through a tollbooth, automatically checking yourself or your baggage in at the airport, or relaxing with a good movie in the air, the opportunities for touch-enhanced applications in the transportation market are limited only by the imagination.

Elo Touch Solutions is the world leader in touch technology and provides touchscreen and touchmonitor solutions for virtually all applications in the transportation field. In fact, Elo products are the preferred solution for airport check-in systems for major airlines worldwide. Transportation touch solutions include:

Strategically placed international offices—together with a worldwide network of distributors, software providers, systems integrators, and kiosk producers—mean transportation application providers can benefit from a global reach with a local touch. We will work with you to seamlessly integrate our products into your total solution.

Recommended Products

Size Open-Frame Monitor Desktop Touchmonitor
12" 1247L  
15" 1537L, 1541L  
17" 1739L  
19" 1938L, 1939L, 1940L  
22+" 2239, 2240L, 2242L; 2243L, 2244L 2200L, 2201L
Size Desktop Touchcomputer Open-Frame Monitor
15" 1520, B-Series 1537L, 1541L
17" B-Series 1739L
19" 19R Series, C-Series 1938L, 1939L, 1940L
22" C-Series 2240L, 2242L, 2243L, 2244L
Size Desktop Monitor Open-Frame Monitor
12" 1215L 1247L
15" 1515L, 1517L 1537L, 1541L
17" 1715L, 1717L 1739L


1937L; 1938L; 1939L, 1940L
22+" 2200L; 2201L 2240L; 2242L; 2243L, 2244L
Size Display Monitor Desktop Monitor Desktop Touchcomputer
19"     C-Series
22"   2200L, 2201L C-Series
32" 3200L    
42" 4200L    
46" 4600L    
55" 5500L    

The Elo Custom Solutions group is a great resource for the specialized touch requirements of medical and healthcare applications. If our standard line of Elo monitors isn't a perfect fit for your needs, our product design experts can create a unique product just for you.

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