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Sending SmartSet Commands to Alter the Touch Data Format

Modern controllers can be programmed through a serial connection to a PC's RS232 serial interface (COM port) by sending simple alpha-numeric command strings. Doing so will change the format of the touch data. Other changes can also be made, such as reversing one or both of the touch axes. The command strings must be ASCII text. Hyper Terminal, a relatively simple, widely available Windows accessory program, can be used to send the commands.

A set of ASCII text command files is available to perform setup, older data format emulations and other changes that are most commonly requested. Commands are sent one at a time. Note that the Save_to_NVRAM command must be sent after all other commands have been sent. Sending commands changes the present configuration of the controller, but the changes are only permanently saved in the controller when the Save command is sent. Failure to send the Save command will result in all changes being lost when power is removed from the controller.

Limitations and Requirements

  • This document applies only to Elo AccuTouch, IntelliTouch and Surface Capacitive SmartSet touch controllers that have a serial interface. The 2216, 2700, 2701 and 5020 controllers run 9600 baud ONLY – the baud rate cannot be changed.
  • This information is intended as development information for use by trained professionals, and is not a procedure or statement of work. Elo does not warrant or support this information and cannot be held liable for accidental or intentional misuse of this information. Use this information at your own risk.
  • Hyper Terminal must have an available COM port to send commands, so the Elo Windows driver must be removed or disabled in order to release the COM port.
    To remove the Elo driver:
    • Open Control Panel.
    • Double-click Add or Remove Programs.
    • Find the Elo driver in the list (very old drivers may be named Monitormouse), double-click it and then click Remove and answer yes or OK to any prompts.
    • The driver may also be disabled in Device Manager under Mice and Other Pointing Devices by selecting "Do not use this device …"; this option is left to the user. If you do this, you must re-enable the driver later.
  • Controllers that have been set to emulate older data formats will no longer work with the Elo Windows drivers, as these drivers only support the SmartSet data format.
  • In order to send commands to the touchcontroller, the touchmonitor's serial (9 pin female) output must be connected to a PC's serial (COM) port (9 pin male) and the COM port number must be known so you can specify it in Hyper Terminal.


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