Elo Touch Solutions

Troubleshooting Hyper Terminal Problems

"Another program is using the selected telephony device. Try again after the other program completes"

  • You are asking Hyper Terminal to use a COM port that is presently in use.
    • If comdump is in use, terminate it by hitting the ESC key.
    • If an Elo touch driver is installed, remove it.
    • If neither, then something else has the COM port – you have to find out what it is and terminate it to release the COM port.

New Connection does not respond to clicking OK

  • You must give it some sort of name to establish a new connection; type anything in the box and then click OK.

After selecting Send Text File and double-clicking a text file, the Hyper Terminal window reappears completely blank

  • The text file was not sent.
    • Check Hyper Terminal setup.
      • Select Disconnect from the call menu.
      • From the Hyper Terminal File menu, click Properties.
      • Verify COM 1.
      • Click the Configure button to verify 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit.
    • or a controller was not connected to the COM port you selected.
    • or there is no power to the controller.
    • or the controller is locked up.
      • remove and then reconnect the monitor power cord to reset the controller.

Hyper Terminal File properties can't be checked (settings are greyed out)

  • You must disconnect to check the Properties.
    • Select Disconnect from the Call menu or click the Disconnect icon, then check the Properties.

I can't figure out where to check the baud rate

  • With the session disconnected (icon of phone on hook), select File, Properties, then click the Configure button on the Connect To tab.