Elo Touch Solutions

Windows Vista Driver


Installation from the TouchTools CD

Revision T and earlier of the Elo TouchTools driver CD did not have MS Windows Vista support. If a Revision T or earlier CD was used to try to install the touchscreen drivers, the Windows NT driver was installed by default on the computer and it is not compatible with Windows Vista. See information below for removal of the NT driver and installation instructions for Windows Vista.

Windows NT driver removal procedure:

  • Click the Start button
  • Select Control Panel
  • Double-click Programs & Features
  • Double-click MonitorMice for Windows NT
  • Click YES
  • Reboot the computer to complete the driver removal

The above process removes the registry entries and the files from the EloWinNT folder.

  • To remove the EloWinNT folder, delete it manually.
  • To remove the EloNT folder and all its files, delete the folder manually.
  • See the file list below for additional file locations; these files may also be removed manually.

The following files can be found on the c: drive after an installation from the TouchTools CD.

File Directory Size Date
monmouse.cpl \windows\system32 565K 8/12/99
monmouse.sys \windows\system32\drivers 27K 9/23/99
elocal32.exe \windows\system32 95K 9/23/99
mmstub.sys \windows\system32\drivers 8K 8/11/99
mmuninst.isu \elowinnt 32K 12/14/98
readme.txt \elowinnt 8K 10/19/99
zaxis.exe \elowinnt 36K 9/10/98
comdump.exe \elowinnt\diags 7K 7/2/98
sawdump.exe \elowinnt\diags 15K 7/2/99

After following the above steps, proceed with Windows Vista driver installation.

Download the Vista driver from the Driver and File Downloads page.