Elo Touch Solutions

Marketing Literature

Elo marketing literature is in PDF format; learn more about PDF.

North American press releases, as well as links to press releases for other countries, are available under About Elo.

Market Brochures English (US) English (EU) French German
Gaming and Casino Management English, 966K PDF English, 782K PDF    
Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) English, 906K PDF English, 0.99MB PDF French, 0.99MB PDF German, 0.98MB PDF
Elo @ The Office English, 2.8MB PDF      
Solution Brief: Elo Digital Whiteboard Solution English, 2.2MB PDF      
Solution Brief: Elo Directory Solution English, 120K PDF      
Solution Brief: Elo Virtual Receptionist Solution English, 226K PDF      
Restaurants and Hospitality Providers English, 882K PDF English, 1.8 MB PDF French, 1.8 MB PDF German, 1.8 MB PDF
Retail English, 1.78 MB PDF   French, 802K PDF German, 988K PDF
Elo Interactive English, 601K PDF      
Overview Brochures English (US) English (EU) French German
Touch Solutions Overview (PDF) English, 3.45MB PDF English, 3.33MB PDF French, 3.34MB PDF German, 3.35MB PDF
Elo Company Fact Sheet English, 1.41MB French, 1.42MB PDF German, 1.41MB PDF
Touch Technology Data Sheets English (US)
Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) English, 266K PDF
AccuTouch Five-Wire Resistive English, 378K PDF
CarrolTouch Infrared English, 343K PDF
IntelliTouch/iTouch Surface Wave English, 260K PDF
IntelliTouch Curve English, 184K PDF
Optical English, 376K PDF
SecureTouch Surface Wave English, 320K PDF
Surface Capacitive English, 312K PDF
Touch Technology White Papers English (US) English (EU) French German
Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) English, 182K PDF English, 141K PDF French, 155K PDF German, 158K PDF
Tablet Data Sheets English (US) English (EU) French German
Elo Tablet English, 500K PDF   French, 388K PDF German, 456K PDF
Elo PayPoint Data Sheets English (US) English (EU) French German
Elo PayPoint for Windows English, 495K PDF  
Elo PayPoint for Android English, 488K PDF  
Elo PayPoint for Apple iPad English, 572K PDF  
Medical Products Comparison Chart English (US) English (EU) French German
Medical Products Comparison Chart English, 2.5 MB PDF      
Touchcomputer Data Sheets English (US) English (EU) French German
1520 15" All-in-One Desktop English, 184K PDF      
B-Series 15" and 17" All-in-One Desktop B2: English, 488K PDF
B3: English, 482K PDF
C-Series 19" and 22" All-in-One Desktop C2: English, 165K PDF
C3: English, 165K PDF
C5: English, 142K PDF
CM-Series 19" and 22" All-in-One Desktop CM2: English, 189K PDF
CM3: English, 188K PDF
15D Series 15" All-in-One Desktop English, 188K PDF      
15E2 15" All-in-One Desktop English, 237K PDF French, 265K PDF German, 238K PDF
17D Series 17" All-in-One Desktop English, 153K PDF      
M-Series VuPoint 15" and 19" All-in-One English, 640K PDF      
19R Series 19" All-in-One Desktop English, 150K PDF      
19MR1 19" All-in-One Desktop English, 155K PDF      
X-Series 15" and 17" All-in-One Desktop English, 304K PDF   French, 311K PDF German, 288K PDF
Touchmonitor Data Sheets English (US) English (EU) French German
0700L 12" Desktop English, 711K PDF     German, 117K PDF
1002L 10" Desktop/Multifunction English, (392K PDF)      
1215L 12" Desktop English, 140K PDF      
1247L 12" Open-Frame English, 315K PDF      
1502L 15" Desktop/Multifunction English, (362K PDF)      
1515L 15" Desktop/Multifunction English, 314K PDF      
1517L Rev A 15" Desktop/Multifunction English, 301K PDF   French, 445K PDF German, 447K PDF
1517L Rev B 15" Desktop English, 311K PDF   French, 175K PDF German, 323K PDF
1519L 15" Desktop/Multifunction English, 187K PDF      
1519LM 15" Desktop/White Medical English, 544K PDF      
1522L 15" Desktop/Multifunction English, 171K PDF      
1523L 15" Desktop English, 317K PDF   French, 449K PDF German, 190K PDF
1528L 15" Desktop/Medical English, 2.3 MB PDF      
1529L 15" Desktop/Multifunction English, (424K PDF)      
1537L 15"  Open-Frame English, 516K PDF      
1541L 15"  Open-Frame English, 473K PDF      
1715L 17" Desktop English, 328K PDF      
1717L Rev A 17" Desktop English, 315K PDF   French, 445K PDF German, 117K PDF
1717L Rev B 17" Desktop English, 312K PDF   French, 174K PDF German, 300K PDF
1723L 17" Desktop English, 335K PDF   French, 449K PDF German, 448K PDF
1729L 17" Desktop/Multifunction English, 176K PDF      
1739L 17" Open-Frame English, 484K PDF      
1900L 19" Desktop English, 370K PDF      
1915L 19" Desktop English, 191K PDF      
1919L 19" Desktop English, 401K PDF      
1919LM 19" Desktop/White Medical English, 301K PDF      
1928L 19" Desktop/Beige Medical English, 171K PDF      
1928LM 19" Desktop/Gray Medical English, 196K PDF      
1937L & 1930L 19" Open-Frame English, 445K PDF      
1938L 19" Open-Frame English, 368K PDF      
1939L & 1931L 19" Open-Frame English, 410K PDF      
1940L 19 "Open-Frame English, 508K PDF      
2200L 22 " Desktop English, 381K PDF      
2201L 22 " Desktop English, 155K PDF   French, 166K PDF German, 156K PDF
2239L 22" Open-Frame English, 441K PDF      
2240L 22" Open-Frame English, 398K PDF      
2242L 22" Open-Frame English, 176K PDF      
2243L 22" Open-Frame English, 413K PDF      
2244L 22 " Open-Frame English, 402K PDF      
2400LM 24" Desktop/Medical English, 188K PDF      
2401LM 24" Desktop/Medical English, 469K PDF      
2440L 24" Open-Frame English, 315K PDF      
2639L 26" Open-Frame English, 361K PDF      
2740L 27" Open-Frame English, 321K PDF      
3239L 32 " Open-Frame English, 148K PDF      
3243L 32 " Open-Frame English, 324K PDF      
4243L 42 " Open-Frame English, 349K PDF   French, 357K PDF German, 358K PDF
IDS Data Sheets English (US) English (EU) French German
I-Series 10/15/22" Android English, 632K PDF      
I-Series 10/15/22" Windows English, 624K PDF      
I-Series Accessories English, 515K PDF      
EloView English, 664K PDF      
3201L 32" Touch Display English, 547K PDF   French, 750K PDF German, 761K PDF
3209L 32" Touch Display English, 441K PDF      
4201L 42" Touch Display English, 470K PDF   French, 1.27MB PDF German, 1MB PDF
4243L 42" Touch Display English, 297K PDF   French, 357K PDF German, 358K PDF
5500L 55" Touch Display English, 656K PDF      
5501L 55" Touch Display English, 330K PDF   French, 300K PDF German, 302K PDF
7001L 70" Touch Display English, 395K PDF   French, 379K PDF German, 364K PDF
7001LT 70" Touch Display English, 372K PDF      
ECM IDS Computer Module English, 408K PDF      
ECMG2 IDS Computer Module English, 370K PDF   French, 281K PDF German, 281K PDF
ECMG2B IDS Computer Module English, 288K PDF      
IDS Market Brochure English (US) English (EU) French German
Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) English, 906K PDF English, 2.2MB PDF French,3.6 MB PDF German, 3.7MB PDF
Comparision Chart English (US) English (EU) French German
Elo Tablet Comparison Chart English, 1.0 MB PDF      
Medical Products Comparison Chart English, 2.5 MB PDF      
17 Series Rev A Comparison Chart English, 74K PDF      
17 Series Rev B Comparison Chart English, 404K PDF      
23 Series Comparison Chart English, 294K PDF      
32-inch IDS Comparison Chart English, 238K PDF      
42-inch IDS Comparison Chart English, 218K PDF