Elo Touch Solutions

TouchPro Series Projected Capacitive Touch Solutions

The Elo TouchPro Series Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch technology offers a fast and sensitive response and professional-grade reliability combined with a stylish, sleek design. Elo Pro-G & Pro-M PCAP solutions are designed for the rigors of commercial applications.

The glass-glass solution, Pro-G, offers pristine optical clarity, high touch durability and long term stability over temperature. Pro-G is available in standard screen sizes up to 27 inches with 10-point multi-touch capabilities.

The advanced mesh solution of the Pro-M offers a lighter 10-point multi-touch screen specifically designed for large format, high-use applications. Pro-M screens are available in 32", 42", 46"and 55" standard diagonal sizes. Customized solutions with 50-point multi-touch and up to 70" are also available.

Elo’s TouchPro line offers a complete PCAP solution including touch screen, controllers, drivers for various operating systems and software utilities resulting in shorter development and integration time. The complete integration guide provides guidelines to simplify integration and avoid typical issues such as EMI from sources such as the power supply or LCD screen.

Projected Capacitive for Monitors


  • 10-point multi-touch standard
  • Large format options
  • Fast and sensitive touch response
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Long-term stability over temperature
  • Optional surface treatments such as anti-glare
  • Windows 8 touch requirements certification when integrated into a final product


  • Interactive digital signage
  • Gaming & lottery terminals
  • Industrial automation
  • Medical equipment
  • Point-of-Information & transportation kiosks
  • Education/white boards
  • POS solutions
  • Self-service/service automation