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1Medical and Healthcare Application Disclaimer: It is the sole responsibility of any person intending to commercialize, market or use any of Elo Touch Solutions, Inc. or its family of companies ("Elo") products for medical or healthcare applications to ensure that such product is adequate and appropriate for the person's intended use and complies with all applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards including but not limited to the European Union Medical Device Directive, United States Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other similar legislation in jurisdictions around the world, and for obtaining and maintaining any required regulatory approvals including but not limited to any required market clearances. Elo has not sought nor received any rulings from the FDA or any other federal, state, or local government agency or notified body as to the safety, effectiveness or appropriateness of its product for such applications. Persons intending to evaluate or use Elo's product for medical or healthcare purposes must rely on their own medical and legal judgment without any representation on the part of Elo.