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Support and Service

Support and ServiceElo backs every Elo touchscreen and touchmonitor solution, before and after the sale.

Technical Support

Technical support addresses questions on drivers (installing, removing, supporting files) and hardware (screens, monitors, controllers, peripherals) as well as troubleshooting procedures and general system issues. This is also where you can download drivers and find extensive product documentation.

Customer Service

Customer service and sales support can assist you with product selection, order management issues, and warranty status. Many of these functions are available on-line through our e-services web site.

Use our online Customer Care form to comment on our products, policies, personnel, or web site.

Worldwide Service

Elo’s global warranty program allows the purchase of our products in one location, but service near where the product is used. To use our extensive network of service and repair centers, select your region from the Worldwide Service map.

Additional Information

For information on purchasing touch products from Elo and Elo-authorized resellers and distributors, see our How to Buy section.