Office Security Needs in the 'New' Normal.

In a world where social distancing, preventative measures and virus contamination potential are paramount, corporations need to ensure that everyone on-premise is protected and safe. For enterprises implementing new and enhanced safety measures, Elo offers touchscreen solutions for a variety of access applications, including employee access, guest and patient check-in and triage. Streamline your office security administration and increase human safety with our modular platforms that can enable a variety of capabilities from facial recognition to health screening.

Benefits of Interactive Access
Control Solutions for Enterprises

  • Elo Increase employee and visitor safety icon

    Increase employee
    and visitor safety

  • Elo Create efficiencies and eliminate paper-based processes icon

    Create efficiencies and
    eliminate paper-based processes

  • Elo reduce the cost of visitor management access control icon

    Reduce the cost
    of visitor management

  • Elo Mitigate risk of viral contamination icon

    Mitigate risk
    of viral contamination

Simplify Check-In with Self-Service

Simplify Access Control
with Self-Service

Simplify access control and visitor management with an Elo access control kiosk. Visitors can easily identify themselves, have a photo taken, print a temporary badge and even complete a health screening questionnaire and temperature check. Technologies like facial recognition and thermal sensing as part of the self-service platform are helping enterprises to quickly identify and deny access to infectious individuals. Automate these key processes with a cost-effective, modern and easy to clean self-service platform by Elo and free up your lobby staff to focus on service.

Medical Device Ready

Your Choice
of Form Factor

Elo's Slim Self-Service stands and Wallaby™ family of self-service stands enable a countertop or floor-based mounting with options to house a variety of printers for visitor badge printing. Stands are built for stable use and have built-in cable management features to provide a clean add on to your existing environment without expensive custom options or installations work.

Advanced Access Control for a Post COVID-19 World

  • Nurse Station

    Facial Recognition

  • Capacity Management

    Screening Questionnaire

  • Pharmacy

    Temperature Check

The Power of automated deployment
and Management with EloView

A cloud-based security solution makes device management easier and safer — across multiple office entrances and locations — without the need to place operational burden on non-technical lobby/reception personnel. EloView® allows you to deploy and securely manage your entire network of Android-powered systems from anywhere. The ability to deploy, update and maintain devices remotely strengthens office access security and increases solution flexibility.

  • More deeply engaged patients

    Zero Touch Deployment

    Automatic device download, installation & implementation

  • Increase Patient Satisfaction

    Remote Control of Devices
    and Content

    Open platform for integration with your CMS, POS & MDM tools

  • Eliminate paper-based processes

    Scale Software/Installation Updates

    Manage your entire omnichannel experience through one platform

  • Reduce the cost of patient care

    OS Control

    Built-in kiosk mode to secure public use screens and locks to customer websites and applications


Software Integration Ready

Our software-agnostic platform can integrate with popular Android or Windows-powered access control and visitor management software applications. And, with the versatility of our unique Elo Edge Connect™ system, you can create a custom self-service solution enabling a broad range of software application capabilities — all with standard parts!

2D cameras • Barcode Scanner • Status Light • Fingerprint Reader • Magnetic Stripe Reader.

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