Offline Web Apps

Toggling between ‘Web’ and ‘Local’ will allow the user to enter an URL (Web) or upload a local site. Load a local site to your app library by toggling to the local site selection. Once assigned to a device, the web app will be stored locally, decreasing your dependency on your internet connection.

  • In the App Library, click on the ‘+’ icon to add a new app. Then select the ‘URL’ tab on the top. Enter a name for your new web app.
  • Click on ‘Local’ to toggle the web app from URL-based to offline.
  • To upload your website, click on ‘Upload’ and a file navigator will pop up. You will need to zip your entire folder before uploading. Find your zipped folder and click ‘Open’ to select it.
  • The home page is the page that shows when the web app is first launched. To set the home page, simply enter the name of the file (example: index.html).
  • To upload the application icon, click on ‘Select’, and a file navigator will pop up. Select the image that you want to use and click ‘open’. For best results, use a square image.
  • Enter a description and click ‘Add Content’ to upload the app to your library. Once the web app is uploaded, you are free to drag and drop it on to any of your devices.
Web App Content