Schedule Content

With EloView, you have the ability to delay and schedule content deployment with a seconds-precision. When you want to run an application, show a website or play a video on your devices at a specific time in the future, just schedule it! You can program content to drive user behavior, trainings with your employees, marketing campaigns or any content that you’d like to deploy on your devices. Simply determine the time of the first deployment and frequency of the schedule (example: every Wednesday between 11:22am to 12:34pm, starting January 15, 2020 and going until March 22, 2020). The feature also enables users to schedule multiple applications and determine the priority among them.

Override Feature
Override scheduled content with drag-and-drop (DnD) action. Simply drag and drop (DnD) content onto a device or group of devices that has scheduled content assigned to it. Once you do so, you will have the following options to choose from.

  • Apply this as “default content” (i.e. Content will play when a gap exists in a schedule).
  • Override for 1 hour (default) to 168 hours (max): this content becomes the “Now Playing” content for a specified time.
  • Override until any event (DnD or Schedule): this content becomes “Now Playing” until the next scheduled event occurs, which may be in 1 minute or never.

This function can be enabled/disabled at the User Level. Go to “Manage User” > “Roles” > “Add New Role” > Under “Allow Permissions” > go-to “Override Schedule Content”.

override schedule contents

override device schedules