Customized CSV Export for Devices

The ability to export details about a list of devices to CSV file. Along with capturing the device details in more depth by adding new columns to the existing ones, it also allows the user to select which columns should be available while exporting.

Below are the existing columns of the CSV.

  • Device Name
  • Group
  • Site Address
  • Firmware
  • Site Name
  • Time Zone

Below are the new columns added to the CSV.

  • Registered Account email
  • Parent Account name
  • Device Id
  • Hardware Id
  • Home button status
  • Power button status
  • Screenshot status
  • Scheduled content time list (weekdays, time, etc.)
  • Display Timer data
  • Software Version
  • Software update date & time
  • Language
  • Content Id

Customized CSV Export

The current export icon (file icon at right most position in device search section), is updated to provide more options for configuring and downloading a customized excel file. Upon clicking, the File icon expands into a text 'Reports' button and displays a menu with two options: Generate Reports and Customize Columns.

Customize Column report

Clicking on Customize Columns generates a pop-up with the columns (existing with default selected + newly added) with check boxes next to it. The user can select or remove any column from export from this dialog except hardware Id. The selection will be reflected next time the user tries to export data.

Customize Columns

User clicks on Generate Report option which automatically downloads a CSV file with the above selected Columns and their values. These columns would act as new 'Default' for the current account.

Generate report