Delayed Content Deployment

Starting in our June 2018 release for all Android 7 (Nougat) devices, we have added ability to schedule content deploy. The user can schedule content deploy on device, group, filter and account level.

The schedule content setting is available under settings menu in device, group, filter and account.

Placeholder of the feature is highlighted in below screenshot.

schedule content device

By default the feature is disabled. On enabling the feature it provides options to select particular days of week and a specific time on which content will be deployed on device.

Below are some highlights of the feature.

  • When schedule content property is disabled, at that time the content will be deployed on device immidiately as it was doing in previous releases.
  • The time is with respect to device's timezone.
  • User can select multiple days to schedule.
  • If the time gap between content drag-n-drop time and schedule time is less than 15 minutes than content will be deployed immidiately just like before.
  • The content deployment on device can vary by 2 to 5 minutes of the actual scheduled time.
  • If user changes the dropped content on device before schedule time, i.e. drop a new content on device, than only the new content will be deployed on the scheduled time.