Default App by Group & Device Grouping

Manage your devices by placing them into groups using the drag-and-drop feature. To manage the devices of a group, click on a group and you are taken to the device view of the group. Find and manage devices by using the “sort by name” and the “sort by group” button at the top of the screen. Devices that are not in a group will be shown at the bottom of the list, under ‘Ungrouped devices’. Users can search through their list of devices by using the search bar at the top of the Devices page.

Group Settings
Modify the settings of the group by selecting the settings icon. Group settings can be edited from the Group Settings page. These settings will affect all devices within a group. Delete the group by selecting delete a group, from here you may delete the group or delete the group and the associated devices.

Group Content
Managing group content is effortless; drag content to the group ‘now playing’ section will set the default content for that group.