Device Page, Content Page and Dashboard Page

You can now search within the Device page, Content page and Dashboard page using a parameter based search. Filters allow you to quickly search, save and recall custom search parameters. Simply type your query within the search box and the relevant devices will appear. Filters also suggest text as you type, making it easy to assemble advanced filter criterion.


  • Query for online, offline or unregistered devices.
  • status: “online”
  • status: “offline”
  • status: “unregistered”
  • Query by device location.
  • location: “Milpitas”
  • Query by device Timezone.
  • timezone: “Denver”
  • Query by content deployed on device.
  • content: “My_App”
  • Query by status of content deployed on device.
  • contentstatus: “success”
  • Query by site name of device.
  • sitename: “Europe”
  • Query by OS Version of device.
  • osversion: “1.11”
  • Query by device orientation.
  • orientation: “portrait”
  • Query by "AND" combination of above filters.
  • orientation: “portrait” and contentstatus: "success"
filter device