Whitelisting of Apps

You can now whitelist set of apps allowed on your devices. The list of applications can be added in Device Settings, in the “Whitelist” page. If whitelist is enabled, no other external apps other than those added to the whilte list will be allowed to install or run on the system.

You can specify the app name allowed on the device using the standard Android Package Name. For example, package name for the Chrome browser is “com.android.chrome”.

In order to access this feature, click on a device in the Devices or Content page to open Device Details, then go to the “Whitelist” page. Click the checkbox to enable whitelisting, and add as many package names as you wish. Applications included with the device as it ships from Elo (Elo standard applications) will continue to run even when not specified in the whitelist.

Whitelists can be added to individual devices, a group or a saved filter.