Wi-Fi Certificates Support

Connect to certificate-based Wi-Fi using Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST). EloView offers support for Wi-Fi Profile and Certificate Delivery with Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST). EST outsources its transport layer security to standard TLS, and therefore will continue to pick up security and performance improvements as new versions of TLS are released.

The feature is accessible from the “Device” > “Settings” page.

est enabled

Step 1: Procure the certificates for your network via the EST feature and then follow the steps to fill above form.

  • Alias > “this is an identifier for the certificates, an example would be company_name_store10”
  • EST URL > “The URL of your company’s EST”
  • Port > “The port that your company’s EST server listens on
  • Username & Password > “Your EST credentials”
  • Usage type: Select WiFi
  • OpenSSL Certificate: “The implicit certificate of the EST server (public)”
  • Click on + icon to save this configuration for application
  • Click Apply to send the configuration to the Elo device to procure the certificates

Step 2: Connect to your WiFi network using the certificates that were procured using the Network Configuration feature and then follow the below steps.

  • Select “Device”
  • Go to “Setting”
  • Select “Edit”
  • Enable “Network Configuration”
  • Select “Download Template” (If you previously pushed a config select “Export Config”)
  • Make required changes for your new configurations in the CSV file
  • Select “Import Config” to upload updated CSV to your devices
  • Select “Apply” to push the changes
network configuration