Zero Touch Deployment

Provides the ability to access specific device properties to external apps using ELO SDK. These properties provide addtional inputs such group name, parent account name of the device which previously were not accesible to external apps. These properties should be configured on the EloView Portal.

What are the device properties which can be accessed using EloView SDK?

Previously properties were accessible for the external apps.

Property Name Description Access
device_name This property gives the name which is assigned to device,which is more readable and understandable than hardwareId Readonly
site_name This property gives the name of the site where the device is located Readonly
address_line_1 This property gives the first address line for the site Readonly
address_line_2 This property gives the second address line for the site Readonly
city This property gives the city name for the site Readonly
state This property gives the state/province for the site Readonly
country This property gives the country for the site Readonly
postal_code This property gives the postal code for the site Readonly

In the latest release two additional properties are accessible to the third party apps using EloView SDK.

Property Name Description Access
parent_account This property gives the account which is the parent of the current account to which the device belongs Readonly
group_name This property gives the group to which the device belongs in the account. Readonly

How to access these properties?

Following are the ways to access these properties.

  • Async method - To access these properties in an async manner use EloSecureUtil.getDeviceInfo(mContext, msgHandler);
  • Sync method - To access these properties in a sync manner use EloSecureUtil.getDeviceInfo(mContext);
  • To get notification for any property change use EloSecureUtil.registerDeviceInfoReceiver(mContext, mDeviceInfoReceiver);
  • To unregister the notification use EloSecureUtil.unregisterDeviceInfoReceiver(mContext, mDeviceInfoReceiver);

Open Values Integration

Provides the ability to set custom "Open Key" and "Open Value" which are accessible to external apps.

EloView SDK API provides a listener to get JSON of "Key name" and "value".

For example, if the user wants to configure set their own server configuration for their app then it can set below values in EloView portal at Device settings section.

Refer below the screen.

Open Values

On click to apply button below JSON will be received to customer's application by using EloView SDK DeviceInfo listener.

Refer SDK sample application for reference.

"name": "url",
"value": ""
"name": "environment",
"value": "prod"

Open values will not be updated/altered from Group/Account settings, device will follow individual settings value rather than group or account. Still group and account can add new key and value.

So for the device, open values key and value pair will be considered as the union of individual + group + account settings.

In Filter Settings, all the Open Keys and Open Values will be updated/altered and added for the individual device.

"Open Values" will be added as part of existing getDeviceInfo() API's. There is no separate API for open values.