PayPoint® Plus for 12.9-inch iPad® (Discontinued October 2019)

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PayPoint® Plus
for iPad®POS System

PayPoint Plus for iPad is a new all-in-one mPOS solution that brings unmatched style to the point of sale with a distinctive modern aesthetic. PayPoint Plus provides everything a merchant needs including a fully integrated 2D barcode scanner from Honeywell, a 3-inch printer from Star Micronics, an encryptable MSR from Magtek, full-sized 16-inch cash drawer and connections for third party peripherals. With a flip-for-signature and a built-in customer facing display to encourage shopper engagement, this space-saving and commercial-grade AiO is ideal for retail, hospitality, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Pay Point

Integrated Peripherals

Integrated Peripherals
  • Printer


    The Star TSP100iii is a standard 3-inch (80mm) printer with
    auto-cutter and print speed of 230mm/sec.

  • Barcode Scanner

    Barcode Scanner

    The Honeywell N3680 is an omnidirectional 1D/2D engine with
    optional capability to add plugins. For example – EasyDL™
    enables users to read government-issued identification cards in
    US and Canada.

  • Cash Drawer

    Cash Drawer

    The full size industry-standard cash drawer with 3-position
    lock offers two layouts – five bill / six coin or four bill / eight
    coin. A second cash drawer can be added using the I/O port.

  • Customer Facing Display

    Customer Facing Display (CFD)*

    In some parts of the world, it is required to have a CFD on
    your POS system. Elo simplifies this by integrating it into the
    PayPoint Plus solution, creating a true AiO platform for your transaction.
    *Only available on select models

  • MSR


    The Magtek 3-track encryptable MSR offers remote key injection. Swipe loyalty cards with default security Level 2 or encrypt to Level 3 through the Elo Peripherals app to read sensitive credit card data.

3-inch Printer

3-inch Printer

PayPoint Plus brings robust printer performance with a TSP100iii built by Star Micronics. Drop-in a standard 80mm width paper and print with speed at 230mm/sec. The printer supports multiple languages, barcodes and logo printing. Reliability comes first – this printer has been tested to MCBF of 60 million lines.

Barcode Scanner

2D barcoding is the new norm across retail and hospitality. PayPoint Plus is equipped with an omnidirectional 1D/2D scanner built by Honeywell. The scanner can be configured for operating modes, illumination, beep volume and choice of symbologies to optimize performance for your specific needs. PayPoint Plus offers optional plug-ins like EasyDL to scan and parse data from drivers licenses in the United States and Canada.

Full Size Cash Drawer

The full size 16-inch industry-standard cash drawer offers a 3-position lock and the
ability to add second cash drawer through an I/O port.

Cash Drawer
N. America / China Model

N. America / China Model

Five bill & six coin layout

Worldwide Model

Worldwide Model

Four bill & eight coin layout

Magnetic Stripe Reader

PayPoint Plus is equipped with a 3-track encryptable Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) built by Magtek. The MSR can be used for loyalty cards or employee check-in. To encrypt the device to accept credit card payments, you can use the intuitive toolkit Elo provides.

Connectivity for 3rd Party Peripherals

PayPoint Plus has additional input/output ports including serial, USB and mini-HDMI
to support 3rd party peripherals. From scales or a secondary display to NFC and
EMV devices – PayPoint Plus offers many options. You can even add a second cash
drawer if needed.

Connectivity Peripherals
Connectivity Peripherals
Large Display

Large Display

PayPoint Plus for iPad supports 9.7-inch iPads and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro to be secured into the display head while also giving the employee the ability to keep the iPad mobile, allowing them to take it out of dock for store operations then dock it back for processing transactions.

Rotating Display Head

Engage the customer by allowing them to control their transaction. With the rotating display head you can enable customers to participate in loyalty programs, view their purchases and sign to complete their transaction.


Add Your Software

Elo offers software development kits to ease integration of the PayPoint Plus with your POS application. The SDK provides toolsets that can detect PayPoint hardware and configure all integrated peripherals like printer, scanner, MSR and CFD. With the peripheral test app, you can update firmware, manage key injection and check the status of hardware during support calls. PayPoint Plus for iOS is a certified MFi accessory. Once certified and integrated, all the merchant has to do is simply plug and play. At Elo, we aim to offer a simple and elegant solution that does not require any in-store installation or support.


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E483400 (N.A./China)
  • SDK support for iOS 10 and later
  • For ETT13i2 models:
    iPad Pro 12.9"
  • 3-year
  • North America/China
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E186611 (Worldwide)
  • SDK support for iOS 10 and later
  • For ETT13i2 models:
    iPad Pro 12.9"
  • 3-year
  • Worldwide
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