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EloCare℠ Advance Exchange Program

Your point of sale system is central to your business and offers more than checkout – it is another opportunity to create a positive experience and engage a customer. With the EloCare Advance Exchange Program, in the event you have an issue with your Elo point of sale register that cannot be resolved over the phone, we will ship you a replacement unit the next business day – along with a prepaid waybill to ship back your defective unit.*

This program is available for customers within the United States and Canada.

Why Choose EloCare?
Peace of mind
Peace of mind

Your point of sale solution is the lifeline of your business, and no one wants to experience difficulty during the checkout process. EloCare Advance Exchange Program gives you peace of mind – you are one call away from a solution.

Plug and Play
Get Back to Work
in a Snap

Whether it’s the single cable PayPoint System or the all in one EloPOS System, Elo will ship a working unit so you can put your point of sale register back to work immediately.

It's easy!
It's easy!

If your POS system stops working, pick up the phone and call Elo. Elo will ship a replacement unit for earliest available delivery in your area. Then simply return the faulty unit to Elo within 5 business days of your call. It’s that easy!

No hidden shipping costs
No hidden shipping costs

Elo takes care of the shipping costs to send the replacement unit to you and for the return of the faulty unit back to Elo.*

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The Program is Simple.

If your PayPoint register or EloPOS system stops working and you have purchased EloCare Advance Exchange for your applicable register, please call Elo's service center at 844-435-6832.

A representative will assess if there is a way to fix the problem remotely. If there is not a resolution, Elo will expedite a replacement to you.

Here are some guidelines.
  • 1. Calls must be received during Elo support hours -- 8am through 8pm EST Monday to Friday
  • 2. If you call before 1pm EST and your concern can't be addressed through support by phone, a replacement unit will be shipped to you same day for next business day delivery, or for earliest available delivery. Shipments to Canada may require more time due to customs requirements.
  • 3. The replacement unit will be a new or a "like new" unit.
  • 4. You must return the failed unit to Elo within 5 business days of your support call. A pre-paid return label will be sent to you.
  • 5. When Elo receives the faulty unit, it will perform an assessment to determine if the claimed failure, damage, or defect is under warranty. If the faulty unit is not timely received or if Elo determines that any failure, damage, or defect is not covered by warranty, then you will be responsible for the cost of the replacement unit you received.
  • 6. Elo's Advance Exchange Program is available only to customers located in the USA and Canada.

*Subject to EloCare Advance Exchange Program terms and conditions and confirmation that the claimed defect, damage, or failure is covered by Elo's
warranty terms and conditions.