Technical Support

Quick Start | Calibration/Alignment
  • 1) Get to the Alignment screen.
    • a) If an Elo icon is available in the tool tray at the lower right side of the desktop, click it, then click Align.
    • b) Otherwise, go to the Windows Control Panel, double-click Elo Touchscreen and click the Align button on the General tab.
      • 1) If Windows XP and no Elo icon, click the "Switch to Classic View" button on the left
      • 2) If Windows 7 and no Elo icon, look for “View by: Category” text toward the upper right; click it and select "Small icons"
  • 2) Touch and release the upper left target; the target should jump to the lower right.
  • 3) Touch and release the lower right target; the target should jump to the upper right.
  • 4) Touch and release the upper right target; a check screen should appear.
  • 5) Touch and release the green check mark; the check screen should disappear.
  • 6) The cursor should now jump to the point of touch.
  • 7) If the Elo Control Panel is open, close it and the Windows Control Panel.