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Touch Solutions Enhancing Retail Experiences

Touchmonitor Solutions for Retail

Elo Touch Solutions is a leading retail systems provider of touch interactive experiences with over 20 million installations. As the original inventors of touch screen technology, we have over 40 years of retail market experience, providing customers, like you, a proven, high-quality, long-life, product designed for years of reliable use around the clock.

Touch-enabled solutions from Elo help improve the buyer experience and optimize operations across leading retailers around the world. In-store systems we have recently introduced will help accelerate your Mobile POS and Omni Channel retail initiatives.

The benefits of touch computing have expanded well beyond increasing check out throughput and accelerating new associate training. Leading retailers are collaborating with Elo Touch Solutions to create, innovate and develop new retail offerings and interactive brand experiences, including: mobile point of service, customer guided shopping, interactive digital signage, customer facing displays, virtual stores and associates and improved Omni channel reach.

We are professional retail, built for touch:

  • Breadth: Spanning 10" Mobile Retail Tablets to 70" Interactive digital signage
  • Professional Grade: Premium components you can trust, built to last.
  • Long Life: Extended availability to embrace your standardization and refresh cycles.
  • Flexible: The largest portfolio of touch systems, supported by a full suite of integrated drivers and color-matched, field-installable peripherals.
  • Global Reach: World-wide availability to support global deployments.
  • Software Support: Elo invests in certifications for leading store software providers.

Many of the world's leading retailers trust Elo to provide touch interactive experiences. Explore your options to enhance and differentiate your retail brand:

  • Touch Displays (7" - 32")
  • Interactive digital Signage (32" - 70")
  • All in One Touch Computers (15" - 22")
  • Open Frame - Kiosk solutions (12" - 32")
  • Retail Mobile Tablets and Dock solutions (10.1")

Let's get started revolutionizing your shopping experience - right now!

Recommended Products

Size Retail Tablet
10.1" ETT10A1new
Size Desktop Monitor Desktop Touchcomputer
7+" 0700L, 1215L  
15" 1515L, 1517Lnew, 1519L, 1523Lnew, 1529L B-Seriesnew, D-Series
17" 1715L, 1717Lnew, 1723Lnew, 1729L B-Seriesnew, D-Series
19" 1915L, 1919L, 1928L C-Seriesnew
20+" 2201L C-Seriesnew
Size Open-Frame Monitor Desktop Monitor Desktop Touchcomputer
12" 1247L 1215L  
15" 1537Lnew, 1541L 1515L, 1517Lnew, 1523Lnew, 1529L B-Seriesnew, D-Series VuPoint1
17" 1739Lnew 1715L, 1717Lnew, 1723Lnew, 1729L B-Seriesnew, D-Series
19" 1937Lnew, 1938L, 1939Lnew, 1940L 1900L, 1915L, 1928L C-Seriesnew, VuPoint1
22" 2243L, 2244L 2201L C-Seriesnew

(1) Meets UL60601, IEC 60601, IPX-1 and/or IP21

Size Desktop Monitor Desktop Touchcomputer
12" 1215L  
15" 1515L, 1517Lnew, 1519L, 1523Lnew, 1529L B-Seriesnew
17" 1715L, 1717Lnew, 1723Lnew, 1729L B-Seriesnew
19" 1915L, 1919L C-Seriesnew
20+" 2020L, 2201L C-Seriesnew
Size Display Monitor Desktop Touchmonitor Desktop Touchcomputer
19"   1915L, 1928L C-Seriesnew
22"   2201L C-Seriesnew
32" 3200L, 3201Lnew    
42" 4200L, 4201Lnew    
46" 4600L    
55" 5500L    
70" 7001Lnew    

We have teamed up with select Independent Software Vendors to combine best-in-class software with industry-leading Elo touch technologies and systems. These partnerships deliver a comprehensive suite of enhanced solutions to our customers.

The Elo Custom Solutions group is a great resource for the specialized touch requirements of medical and healthcare applications. If our standard line of Elo monitors isn't a perfect fit for your needs, our product design experts can create a unique product just for you.

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