EloView for Partners

Software Deployment Simplified

EloView features a wide spectrum of capabilities from operating system updates to device settings and content delivery. Designed with modularity,
our EloView software seamlessly fits into current business processes and enhances the functionality of existing tools.

  • Zero Touch Deployment


    Zero Touch Deployment

    Automatic device download, installation & implementation

  • Remote Control of Devices and Content


    Remote Control of Devices
    and Content

    Open platform for integration
    with your CMS, POS & MDM

  • Scale Software/Installation Updates


    Scale Software/Installation

    Manage your entire
    omnichannel experience
    through one platform

  • OS Control


    OS Control

    Built-in kiosk mode to secure
    public use screens and locks to
    customer websites and

EloView puts our finger on the pulse of commerce nationwide. Having a direct connection 24/7 with the Elo hardware enables us to provide an unprecedented level of support to our customers. Managing enterprise device deployments cannot be done efficiently with an off-the-shelf Mobile Device Management system. With EloView, we save time and money by reducing fulfillment and handling costs prior to shipping. 
Now we provision new hardware over the air while it is in transit, providing a near magical out-of-the-box experience for our customers.

Julius Winegar

Director of Client Relations, DoubleBeam 

Scale Your Business with EloView

Often, software companies that create amazing experiences struggle to tame, install and support the hardware.
Elo’s hardware and software alleviate these challenges by adding automation and functionality to solve
our partner’s pain points.

  • EloView can be leveraged as the device and account management service portal for you and your customers, allowing them to manage their devices while you have secondary service access.
  • The EloView portal can be branded so your customers feel like they are in your software tool.
  • EloView offers software providers capabilities such as remote updates, data resets, remote device rebuilds and more to enable expedited customer service when it’s needed.

EloView Diagram

A display management solution for businesses who want to deploy mobile architecture
for POS/mPOS and signage in commercial applications.

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EloView allows you to scale your business
and extend your market reach without incurring additional costs.