Android for Enterprise

Deliver the convenience and familiarity of Android
in secure, business-friendly solutions


Common Architecture Enables Flexibility

We live in a mobile world and the majority of mobile devices run the Android OS. Our Android-based
touchscreen solutions are available from 10 to 70-inches, so you can align your consumer, employee and
logistics all onto one secure platform.

Our Explosive Android Device Shipment Growth:

bar chart



Growth in NEW
EloView® Accounts3



for Android


1) Elo compounded annual growth rate for Android device shipments from 2015-19. Numbers based on Elo's fiscal year calendar and are estimated for FY19.
2) Expected Android shipments retail growth according to IHL MPOS Shipment Report (2016-20).
3) New EloView accounts CY2019Q1 YoY.

Elo's Approach to Android

Android mobile architecture is a smart choice for ensuring your rollout is inexpensive,
consumer-friendly and more adaptable long-term.

Elo's Approach to Android - secure icon


Protect from unauthorized access.
Security updates on your schedule.

Elo's Approach to Android - flexible icon


One image across all form factors.
Customizable behavior.
Supports peripherals businesses need.

Elo's Approach to Android - predictable icon


Extended lifecycles for businesses.
Under roadmap control.

Elo's Approach to Android - manageable icon


Control settings.
Manage content.
Administer permissions remotely.

Quarterly Releases with Feature & Security Updates

The custom Elo Image with Android Nougat (7.1.2 ) and Kit Kat (4.4.2) will get regular security
patches, bug fixes and feature upgrades over a longer lifecycle compared to consumer devices.
Multiple versions are available so you can control your upgrade roll out.

Elo's Approach to Android - release calendar

Unified OS Across All Touchpoints

Seamlessly integrate your mobile apps with in-store Android technologies and create a unified
experience across all touch points.

With Android, you can take advantage of one of the largest developer ecosystems ever.

Out of the Box Peripheral Support
for Elo Edge ConnectTM







Elo's Approach to Android - Edge Connect price check

* Seamlessly attach any combination of up to four peripherals to the edge of the touchscreen creating a tailored solution to meet your needs.

Real World Examples

We're serious when we say we are leading the charge with Android for Enterprise.
We've deployed Android solutions to thousands of locations across the globe. Here are a few examples of actual deployments:

Mass Retailer

Home automation product selector
& product information
10- & 15-inch I-Series
Updated via API

Large QSR Chain

Self-service kiosks deployed nationwide & controlled at one central location via the EloView portal
22-inch I-Series

Pro Sports Arenas/Stadiums

POS terminals throughout venue updated and controlled via EloView
Elo PayPoint, 10- & 15- & 22-inch I-Series

Natl European Tennis Org

Member check-in, court bookings & facilities
22-inch I-Series

Supermarket Chain

Deli counter management
15-inch I-Series

Automotive Manufacturer

Production line automation
22-inch I-Series

National Furniture Chain - US

Endless Aisle Furniture Selector
updated via the EloView portal
22-inch I-Series

Lottery Terminals - Europe

Customer-facing sports betting & lottery terminals
updated via the EloView portal
10- & 15- & 22-inch I-Series

Control with EloView®

Manage your device OS versions, content and device features remotely, allowing you to reduce operating costs while increasing up-time and security. EloView's modular system is designed to integrate with your business alongside your existing CMS platforms and MDM tools.


We work with industry leaders to bring the
best of consumer technology to the enterprise environment

Qualcomm snapdragon logo

Our long standing partnership with Google's Android and Enterprise teams allows us to champion and incorporate needs of the business market into Android devices.

google logo

Qualcomm makes the highest performance mobile processors on the planet. We have a strategic relationship with Qualcomm to bring consumer-grade performance in a stable roadmap desired by businesses

Google Play Services

Now you can create a seamless experience for your customers — from their personal devices to your interactive experiences in store. With Google Play services, your app can take advantage of the latest, Google-powered features while maintaining the added flexibility of EloView — making deployments and management a breeze.

Enables standard Google
apps on commercial devices
  • google-play-app_icon_1
  • google-play-app_icon_2
  • google-play-app_icon_3
  • google-play-app_icon_4
  • google-play-app_icon_5
  • google-play-app_icon_6
  • google-play-app_icon_7
  • google-play-app_icon_8
  • google-play-app_icon_9
  • google-play-app_icon_10
  • google-play-app_icon_11
  • google-play-app_icon_12
Enables internal capabilities that
enterpise apps can leverage
  • Webview
  • Firebase
  • Push Notifications
  • Location Services
  • App Updates
  • YouTube Control

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