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Self-Service is changing the way we shop. More than 85% of consumers have used a self-service kiosk when they shop, and that number is on the rise. You may not know how to address your business challenges, but that's where we come in. Discover why businesses rely on Elo for these solutions everyday, with over 20 Million installations Worldwide.

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Self-Ordering Kiosk Simplified

Self-Ordering Simplified

Customer standards for convenience are higher than ever, and it's up to you to deliver. Elo's self-ordering solutions enable you to upsell automatically, and take orders faster and more accurately than ever before. Some research shows up to 25% in average ticket size, and reductions in customer wait times of nearly 50%.

In-store E-commerce kiosk

In-store E-commerce

Make a big splash in a small space. Omnishoppers expect consistent experiences across the web, mobile and in store. Consumers want to purchase when and how it's convenient. Give them the best of online convenience in-store with a variety of endless aisle solutions.

Check-In Concierge kiosk

Check-In & Concierge

Self-service solutions enable automation of administrative tasks and create more opportunity for human interaction and an improved guest experience. Increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve overall guest satisfaction with a touchscreen kiosk.

"Retailers are struggling to compete against margin-slashing drop shippers. You have Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, yet people still flock to movie theaters for that big-screen experience. Our endless isle kiosk creates a visually-immersive experience that makes brick-and-mortar locations a destiny again."

- Casper Fopp, VP Business Development, Wondersign

Dependable Retail Price Checkers

Dependable Retail Price Checkers

Elo delivers kiosk capability in a compact, simple to install unit, easily mounted on walls or bases. Our products are "built for retail" and tested to survive 24/7 use, providing our customers a proven, high quality product designed for years of reliability.

Custom Kiosk Solutions

We work with kiosk, software, payment and peripheral partners to scope the
perfect interactive solution for you.

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