EloView and Content Status Robustness

Device Version

  • 1.11.119 for I-Series
  • 1.11.106 for Cloud
  • 1.11.1107 for AECM - Not applicable to PayPoint

The EloView Development Team has been working to enhance the robustness of content delivery within EloView. These enhancements have been added to EloView, to reduce content errors and screen downtime. To enable the content status robustness features, please data reset all devices. Additionally, all attract loops must be deleted and recreated in order to function with this feature.

What Can You Expect?

Error Messaging
If an error with content arises, an error message next to the device will be shown. This error message will explain the problem in detail so that users will understand how to correctly respond to the situation.

Status Bar and Checkmarks
A checkmark will appear when an application is confirmed to be running. A red “X” icon will appear if a command request has failed. By hovering over the icon, a message will appear explaining the failure. The original checkmark or red icon will not change until the issue is resolved; either by a user action or by content reloading.

Progress Bar
Although the progress indicator tool was available in previous versions, the tool has been improved for precision and reliability. You can expect this feature to be accurate at all times.

I-series Irrecoverable State Improvement
In previous versions of EloView, the device would enter an irrecoverable state when an application was downloading and installing and the user dragged and dropped another Application. This bug has been fixed; the device is not expected to enter this state.

Promotional Video
The Elo Promotional Video which was seen when the I-Series was first unboxed has been removed. The Promotional Video was packaged as an app, was not easily modifiable, and often confused customers. We believe that the removal of the promotional video will benefit customers greatly.

Three Strikes Assistance
In the case of an error, EloView will automatically make three attempts to reload the assigned content before switching to a Placeholder video. The three strikes assistance tool will occur when content is downloaded, installed, and changed. To exit out of the Placeholder video, RE-DRAG AND DROP an older application. This will allow EloView to function with an older application. Please note, that this will not re-download the application as the older application is still on the device.

Placeholder Video
A placeholder video which reads “Excuse us for a moment” and “We'll be right back” has been developed to respond to moments when the content chain and the EloView I-Series is not able to download, install, or run the application or web page as scheduled.

Content Error

Below is a description of additional enhancements.

  • EVR-593 - Fixed bug that prevented the Attract Loop feature from working on all accounts.
  • EVR-484 - Added mobile 4G capability to I-Series devices.
  • EVR-633 - Fixed an issue that prevented all available media from showing when creating an Attract Loop.
  • EVR-659 - Fixed bug that caused the video play to constantly show ‘Downloading Video File’ on some devices.
  • EVR-645 - Based on user feedback, when logging into EloView, the landing page will now be the ‘Devices’ page. The Dashboard is still available, but will no longer be the first page users see.
  • Increased performance of the WebView Controller. Users will need to upgrade in order to take advantage of the performance upgrade as well as change their settings. (Do not upgrade your webview controller if you have had any customizations done by Elo. Please contact an Elo Support Professional before upgrading).

EloView Product Team