Extended Warranty Information
Standard & Extended Warranty
US & Canada only
Standard & Extended Warranty
EMEA only
Purchase Window Within 2 years Within 2 years
Replacement Parts Included Included
Repair Labor Included Included
Repair Timeframe Within 2 Weeks* Within 2 Weeks*
Returned Unit Shipping Customer Responsible Customer Responsible
Unit Shipping
Included Included
* Repair timeframe only. Transportation to certain destinations may extend the total turnaround time.

  • Touchscreen monitor and touchscreen computer Extended Warranty coverage may be purchased at the time of purchase or within 2 years (United States and Canada) / 2 years (EMEA) after purchasing an Elo touchscreen monitor or computer. Extended warranty coverage is only available for sale through the vendor where the original Elo touchscreen monitor or computer was purchased. Peripherals, operating systems and application software are not covered by the Extended Warranty program.
  • Extended Warranty is offered as either an additional 1-year or 2-year extension of the applicable standard limited warranty. Additional terms, conditions and limitations apply. See terms and conditions of standard limited warranty for details.
  • Extended Warranty and Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR)* program is available in the United States and Canada. When purchasing a 1- or 2- year Extended Warranty along with Advanced Unit Replacement program, the AUR time period will extend to length of the new warranty.
  • Extended Warranty program only, is available in EMEA.
  • For more information, please contact the Elo Touch Solutions distributor that assisted with the original touchscreen monitor and touchscreen computer purchase, or Elo Customer Sales and Support:
  • For US & Canada: 1-800-557-1458 or CustomerService@EloTouch.com.
  • For EMEA: +32-16-70-4500 or EuropeCustomerService@EloTouch.com.
  • For other regions, please contact the Elo Customer Service closest to you.
  • * We understand the importance of business continuity and offer an Advanced Replacement Program (AUR) to minimize downtime. Visit the AUR program page for more information; available in the US and Canada only.