Elo is making the purchase of our X-Series all-in-one touch computers easier with 39 standard SKU options. With competitive pricing compared to configure-to-order, availability in distribution and Elite discounts starting at $35 a unit, ordering X-Series standard SKU's is a no-brainer.

Whether for retail, QSR, manufacturing or hospitality, Elo has aligned a standard SKU to fit any application.

Part Numbers

Size: 15" — Memory: 4GB — Storage: 128 SSD
Product Description Processor Touch OS
E468641 ESY15X2-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-NO-00-BK J1900 AccuTouch® No OS
E492234 ESY15X2-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-NO-00-BK J1900 PCAP No OS
E304632 ESY15X2-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-P7-64-BK J1900 AccuTouch POS Ready 7
E578170 ESY15X2-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-P7-64-BK J1900 PCAP POS Ready 7
E444981 ESY15X2-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK J1900 AccuTouch Win 7
E444981 ESY15X2-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK J1900 AccuTouch Win 7
E401360 ESY15X2-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK J1900 PCAP Win 7
E287522 ESY15X2-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK J1900 AccuTouch Win 10
E287727 ESY15X2-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK J1900 PCAP Win 10
E581920 ESY15X3-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-NO-00-BK i3 AccuTouch No OS
E918496 ESY15X3-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-NO-00-BK i3 PCAP No OS
E413385 ESY15X3-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK i3 AccuTouch Win 7
E413585 ESY15X3-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK i3 PCAP Win 7
E288004 ESY15X3-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK i3 AccuTouch Win 10
E288682 ESY15X3-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK i3 PCAP Win 10
E413768 ESY15X5-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK i5 PCAP Win 7
E547261 ESY15X5-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK i5 PCAP Win 10
Size: 17" — Memory: 4GB — Storage: 128 SSD
Product Description Processor Touch OS
E420678 ESY17X2-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-NO-00-BK J1900 AccuTouch No OS
E131137 ESY17X2-2UWA-1-MT-NB-4G-1S-NO-00-BK J1900 PCAP No OS
E131508 ESY17X2-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK J1900 AccuTouch Win 7
E135017 ESY17X2-2UWA-1-MT-NB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK J1900 PCAP Win 7
E135387 ESY17X2-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-P7-64-BK J1900 AccuTouch POS Ready 7
E135689 ESY17X2-2UWA-1-MT-NB-4G-1S-P7-64-BK J1900 PCAP POS Ready 7
E289559 ESY17X2-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK J1900 AccuTouch Win 10
E290201 ESY17X2-2UWA-1-MT-NB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK J1900 PCAP Win 10
E158777 ESY17X3-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-NO-64-BK i3 AccuTouch No OS
E159327 ESY17X3-2UWA-1-MT-NB-4G-1S-NO-64-BK i3 PCAP No OS
E414336 ESY17X3-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK i3 AccuTouch Win 7
E414538 ESY17X3-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK i3 PCAP Win 7
E290421 ESY17X3-7UWA-1-ST-NB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK i3 AccuTouch Win 10
E294376 ESY17X3-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK i3 PCAP Win 10
E303069 ESY17X5-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK i5 PCAP Win 7
E547463 ESY17X5-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK i5 PCAP Win 10
Size: 19.5" — Memory: 4GB — Storage: 128 SSD
Product Description Processor Touch OS
E004743 ESY20X2-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK J1900 PCAP Win 7
E159686 ESY20X2-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-NO-64-BK J1900 PCAP No OS
E015780 ESY20X2-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK J1900 PCAP Win 10
E353206 ESY20X3-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK i3 PCAP Win 7
E290946 ESY20X3-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK i3 PCAP Win 10
E353405 ESY20X5-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK i3 PCAP Win 7
E507131 ESY20X5-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W1-64-BK i3 PCAP Win 10

Optional Extended Warranties

Product Description Marketing Description
E209577 ELO-EXTWAR-PLUS-1-YEAR-TC 1 Year Extended Warranty, Touchcomputer
E739803 ELO-EXTWAR-PLUS-2-YEAR-TC 2 Year Extended Warranty, Touchcomputer

Elo X-Series