This product has been discontinued. Please see the replacement model - Wallaby™ Self-Service Stands.

Product Information

The new WallabyTM line of self-service stands can streamline installation of interactive experiences in high-traffic public environments. Create a unified approach to any customer experience in point of sale and self-service applications including self-order, endless aisle, price verification, loyalty programs, brand experience, patient check-in and more. With the Wallaby stands, you can now "stand up" a 15-inch to 22-inch Windows or Android based self-service touchscreen solution with ease — complete with payment and printing capabilities.

Selft Service Stands

Floor Stand or Countertop Stand, You Choose!

Both stands offer secure housing for a printer and I/O connections for peripherals from payment terminals to barcode scanners and fingerprint readers, the configuration is up to you.

Floor Stand

Wallaby Self-Service
Floor Stand

Countertop Stand

Wallaby Self-Service
Countertop Stand

Display Choices

The Wallaby self-service Stands were designed to support our most
popular all-in-one products, including the 15/22-inch I-Series and the
X-Series. Each all-in-one solution offers powerful processing from
Qualcomm (Android) to Intel (Windows).

  • Portrait Mode

    Portrait Mode

    15" I-Series (Android)

    15" I-Series (Windows)

    22" I-Series (Android)

    22" I-Series (Windows)

  • Landscape Mode

    Landscape Mode

    22" I-Series (Android)

    22" I-Series (Windows)

    15" X-Series (Windows)

    17" X-Series (Windows)

    20" X-Series (Windows)

Purpose Built

Built purposefully with self-service in mind, the Wallaby Self-Service Stands offer
the ability to securely add a printer and EMV Payment Device while offering the
space you need for additional components – from a power supply to a network
switch, the space can be used to fit your needs.

Purpose Built

The ability to take payment is essential to complete a transaction. The Wallaby self-service solutions offer compatible EMV cradles to securely mount an EMV Payment device directly to the stand. Compatible EMVs include: Verifone MX915, Ingenico iSC250 and Ingenico IPP350.*

The stand offers built-in housing to securely install a printer in a clean cable free installation. Compatible printers include - Epson TM-T88, Star TSP-100 or Star TSP-654. A cover is provided for the printer compartment if no printer is needed.

*E062704 & E062899 EMV cradles are only compatible with the Wallaby self-service countertop stand with the 22-inch I-Series AiO


Our I-Series and X-Series products are compatible with a large set of peripherals
purpose-built for commercial applications.**

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

Enhance self-service checkout and price-checker applications by coupling a high-performance barcode scanner with an Elo touchscreen.

Expansion Module

Expansion Module

Elo's expansion module provides flexibility for installation with the addition of 12V (1.5A) Powered USB, 24V (2.3A) Powered USB, Serial COM (RJ45), 5V USB 2.0 (x2) and 19V DC IN.

Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint Reader

The Biometric Fingerprint Reader can be attached to provide secure and quick login.



The Near Field Communication (NFC) adapter can be integrated for easy mobile payments with just a touch of the phone.



Elo offers the flexibility of integrating payment devices, including a Magtek 3-track encryptable MSR payment terminal.

**Certain mechanical limitations may apply – please validate your design and use case prior to ordering

Get Connected

Connectivity is easy with the Wallaby self-service solutions.
Your I-Series or X-Series can connect wirelessly with Wi-Fi 802.11 or Bluetooth 4.0
or through a wired connection with Ethernet.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • wired connection
Get Connected


The Wallaby self-service stands
deliver the quality and reliability Elo
is known for and are backed by our
3-year standard warranty.***


***3-year standard warranty applies to the Wallaby Self Service Stand only. Elo I-series, X-series and any peripherals attached may carry their own warranty.


A revolutionary interactive platform,
EloView is a secure management
solution for remote content delivery
and device management.

Whether you need to auto-provision
new units, push refreshed content to
a device or simply change the
screen brightness, EloView has got
you covered.

EloView software provides device setup, remote
management, alerts, kiosk lockdown, attract
loops, and the ability to securely upgrade the
operating system, applications, and content.



  • Technical



Upgrades, add-ons, and more.

15-inch I-Series for Android
with Android Open Source (2.0)

22-inch I-Series for Android
with Android Open Source (2.0)

22-inch I-Series for Windows (1.0) (Discontinued April 2020)

15-inch I-Series for Windows (1.0) (Discontinued April 2020)

X-Series 15-inch AiO Touchscreen Computer (Rev B) (Discontinued March 2020)

X-Series 17-inch AiO Touchscreen Computer (Rev B) (Discontinued March 2020)

X-Series 20-inch AiO Touchscreen Computer (Rev B) (Discontinued March 2020)

EMV Cradles

2D Barcode Scanner

Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)


Fingerprint Reader (Replaced by updated Fingerprint Scanner)

1D Barcode Reader

Expansion Module for Android



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