February 28, 2023

Protecting your network with Elo’s OS 360

Protecting your network with Elo’s OS 360

Image of Android Security Updates Option

When you decide on Android devices for your company, you want to be confident that your devices have the longest possible lifecycle. You need them to be equipped with all the latest upgrades so that each device has optimal performance. And, most importantly, you need your devices to be secure.

But, that’s not all. You also want easy integration and the flexibility to execute updates without any disruptions to your business.

Security from the start

That’s why Elo created OS 360, a platform to ensure your devices are secure and have the latest available updates from Google. With OS 360, Elo offers monthly security updates, access to the latest upgrades, and device enhancements to help ensure that Elo products are protected against the most common types of external threats.

Simplified management of Android devices

OS 360 seamlessly integrates with EloView, Elo’s cloud-based platform for remote device management. It allows you the maximum flexibility by giving you the ability to pre-schedule security updates and manage OS upgrades. In addition, OS 360 also integrates with third-party unified endpoint management tools and other management software.

Manage the lifecycle of your devices on your terms

It's this flexibility that makes OS 360 so valuable to Elo users. Unlike updates scheduled by Google, OS 360 updates are released on a regular monthly cadence. You can update your system immediately or wait until a more convenient time. You are also able to manage the versions of the operating system you are using across your company.

Here is a summary of the features you receive with OS 360:

Monthly security updates. OS 360 updates are available monthly to address known security issues for Android devices. We focus much of our attention of the three most common types: remote code execution (allowing an outside source to install malware or other malicious codes), application privilege escalation (giving an application access to restricted resources), and denial of service assaults (which make a machine or an entire network unavailable to your team).

Android dessert upgrades. To ensure that your Elo Android devices have the latest features and updates, Elo offers upgrades to the latest available version of Google’s operating system. This guarantees that your network is as secure as possible, has access to the latest Android features and is running the most up-to-date software.

Long-term support. Most consumer device manufacturers do not support security updates on their devices beyond 12-24 months. Elo’s OS 360 offers coverage for up to five years, meaning that your network is supported for three to four years longer.

Easy Integration. Whether you use EloView or a third-party software, OS 360 updates can be easily applied to all of your devices. All you must do is ensure your devices are connected to the Internet.

Built for Enterprise. OS 360 offers the flexibility for administrators to execute updates without disrupting business with on-screen prompts or other notifications.

OS 360 coverage is available in 3-, 4- or 5-year packages at the point-of-sale. You can also bundle it with various options such as extended warranty, AUR (Advanced Unit Replacement) and/or ADP.

OS 360 provides the security and reliability your enterprise business needs; purpose-built for enterprise needs, monthly updates, long-term support, and easy integration make OS 360 an easy choice. Request your demonstration today.

By Rick Smith