OS 360 Security Bulletin Board

With OS 360, Elo can help secure your Elo Android devices from emerging Android threats. OS 360 offers security updates and Android OS upgrades to ensure that Elo Android devices have a longer OS life and perform optimally throughout their lifecycle. Here you will find details on the latest updates for your Elo Android devices supported under OS 360.

Elo makes every effort to deliver monthly security updates in a timely manner.

Please note, some updates may take longer than others if additional review and quality check is needed to ensure that the integrity of each Elo device is not compromised. Elo will do its best to align the releases with chipset vendors. In case Elo is not able to release an update for a specific month it will be integrated as part of the following release.

Month Severe Vulnerabilities Supported Devices
September 2021 Android Security Bulletin The most severe vulnerability
for this month could:
  1. Enable a remote attacker using a specially crafted file to cause a permanant denial of service.
  2. Enable a local malicious application to bypass operating system protections that isolate application data from other applications.
I-Series 4, Backpack 4, M50, M50C