Elo OEMConfig Feature Releases

Available on the Google Play store, the Elo OEMConfig app provides a single interface for Android Enterprise Certified EMM and MDM tools to enable customers to manage updates and configuration changes to Elo Android devices after they are deployed in the field. Below you can explore the features available as part of Elo each OEMConfig Play store release. Technical details can be viewed in OEMConfig Configurations.

Version 2.0.3

The major update as part of this OEMConfig 2.0.3 release is the support for Elo Android 12 devices.
All the OEMConfig features are now available for Elo Android 12 devices.

Important Note - Below are the recommended OS updates for specific Elo product lines that are
compatible for Elo OEMConfig 2.0:

  • For I-Series 4 Standard, Backpack 4 Standard, M50, M50C, M60, and M60C, please consider upgrading to version or
  • If you are using I-Series 4 Value or Backpack 4 Value, we recommend updating to version or

In addition to these updates, customers who use Elo’s Peripheral SDK we strongly advise you to
transition from the Peripheral SDK JAR file to AAR for any future Android upgrades. Failing to do so
may result in applications crashing upon launch.

OEMConfig version 2.0 cannot be used in OS versions previous to MR-29.


  • Added ability to set display size.
  • Added ability to set screen orientation.
  • Added the ability to enable/disable Android’s "safe media" feature.
  • Added the ability enable/disable Copy and Paste functions on the device.
  • Added the ability to enable/disable USB permission.
  • Added the ability to enable/disable Elo logging.
  • Added the ability to enable/disable Wi-Fi.

Improvements and fixes:

  • Updated MDM portal dropdown menu for network priority.
  • Updated to using peripheral library AAR instead of JAR.
  • Improvements to defer disabling Wi-Fi if ethernet is turned off.
  • "Disable Open Network Notification" and "Avoid Poor WiFi" moved out of individual network entry configurations and up to a level with the network configuration list.
  • Fixed portal title for logging feature.
  • Improved the tooltip of Volume settings in portal.
  • Changed navigation bar default to "Show".
  • Tracked device Ethernet enabling API change on the device.
  • Addressed M60 device connectivity issues to WEP network.
  • Resolved issues related to screen lock PIN/swipe changes.
  • Fixed auto-launch failure for Pilot app in AirWatch.
  • Updated portal tooltip message for DPI.
  • Addressed brightness not properly setting to 0.
  • Fixed in-progress OTA download not properly resuming after reboot.
  • Resolved M60 device improperly connecting to open network.
  • Updated portal tooltip message for poor WiFi.
  • Fixed crash when checking for OTA update availability.
  • Addressed device Bluetooth permission not granted properly.
  • Fixes an issue where DPI didn’t persist after reboot.
  • Updated screen lock information tooltip in MDM portal.
  • Prevented Ethernet enabling unexpectedly when network configuration is altered.
  • Addressed Android 12 brightness issue.
  • Fixed MDM portal information bubble.
  • Removed empty entries showing in MDM portal menus.
  • Prevented Ethernet from automatically being disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with auto-accept on USB.
  • Ensured navigation bar remains visible after reboot.
  • Resolved BCR crash.
  • Updated wording in WiFi info tooltip in portal.
  • Fixed app failure to sync when run manually.
  • Solved several DPI-related issues stemming from one root cause.
  • Updated portal for EAP config.

Version 1.8.1


  • Added device wake-up key to quickly wake the device from idle state.
  • Hardware management:
    • Enable or disable left and right keys,
    • Enable or disable barcode scanner.
  • Toast message alerts devices of new configuration changes.
  • App permission management for better security and user control.
  • Enhanced connectivity support for multiple USB specifications, including DP, HS-USB, and SS-USB, for faster and more efficient data transfer.
  • Restructured MDM interface to group settings for improved usability.


  • Fixed an issue where the device would unexpectedly enter sleep mode.
  • Resolved auto idle mode for improved performance.
  • PIN screen lock now accepts valid characters.
  • UI improvements for barcode scanner management controls in the portal.
  • UI improvements for devices in Dark mode.
  • Enhancements to the Bluetooth information messaging for MDMs.


  • Bluetooth – Allows Bluetooth Enable or Disable.
  • Enterprise Reset – Devices can be “Enterprise Reset” – which is a specialized form of factory reset without removing network configurations (and if applicable) EloView account relationships.
  • Font Size – Allows configuration of Font Size.
  • Location – Allows turning on or off Location Services on the device.
  • Manual OTA Download – Allows OTA updates using specific OTA package URL.
  • Screen Lock – Allows enabling or disabling Screen Lock, or selection of Screen Lock type.
  • Smallest Display Width – Allows configuration of Display Size.
  • Show Password – Allows showing or hiding password as it's being entered.

Version 1.0.7

Below are the newly added features on Elo OEMConfig Version 1.0.7, available on the Google Play Store.
Technical details can be found in the OEMConfig configurations section.

  • Elo OTA Download (for download of monthly security updates available with an OS 360 subscription)
  • Date and time
    • Time zone.
    • NTP Setup
    • Display 24-hour Time. Show time in 24-hour form, as opposed to locale default form.
  • Network Configuration List
  • Wi-Fi DFS
  • Ethernet.
  • Display
    • Display On. Turn on/off display.
    • Auto Idle mode.
    • Screen Density (DPI).
    • Screen Timeout.
    • Display Brightness.
  • Volume Level. Set Media volume.
  • Show/hide Android navigation bar.
  • SB Ports Settings. Enable/disable a given USB port. For handheld only one port is available.
  • LED Status Light Kit. Enable or disable LED Status Light Kit.
  • Device Button Management
    • Enable/disable Power button
    • Enable/disable Home button
  • Touch Through Mode. Enable/disable Touch Through mode for I-Series
  • USB Power Deliver Mode. Set USB-C port power delivery
  • Touch Sound
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Key Remap (Handheld only)
    • Left Trigger Key
    • Right Trigger Key

Elo OEMConfig will continue to grow and gain access to configure
more settings, most of which are driven by our customer’s needs.
If you have any suggestions for the toolbox of features please
reach out to us at support@elotouch.com.