Elo OEMConfig Feature Releases

OEMConfig is an Android Enterprise standard that enables OEMs to make new features and
configurations immediately available to customers. Available on the Google Play store, the Elo
OEMConfig app provides a single interface for Android Enterprise Certified EMM and MDM
tools to enable customers to manage updates and configuration changes to Elo Android devices
after they are deployed in the field.

Feature Release 1.0.7

Below are the features available on OEMConfig Version 1.0.7.
Technical details can be found in the OEMConfig configurations section.

  • Elo OTA Download (for download of monthly security updates available with an OS 360 subscription)
  • Date and time
    • Time zone.
    • NTP Setup
    • Display 24-hour Time. Show time in 24-hour form, as opposed to locale default form.
  • Network Configuration List
  • Wi-Fi DFS
  • Ethernet.
  • Display
    • Display On. Turn on/off display.
    • Auto Idle mode.
    • Screen Density (DPI).
    • Screen Timeout.
    • Display Brightness.
  • Volume Level. Set Media volume.
  • Show/hide Android navigation bar.
  • SB Ports Settings. Enable/disable a given USB port. For handheld only one port is available.
  • LED Status Light Kit. Enable or disable LED Status Light Kit.
  • Device Button Management
    • Enable/disable Power button
    • Enable/disable Home button
  • Touch Through Mode. Enable/disable Touch Through mode for I-Series
  • USB Power Deliver Mode. Set USB-C port power delivery
  • Touch Sound
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Key Remap (Handheld only)
    • Left Trigger Key
    • Right Trigger Key

Elo OEMConfig will continue to grow and gain access to configure
more settings, most of which are driven by our customer’s needs.
If you have any suggestions for the toolbox of features please
reach out to us at support@elotouch.com.