I-Series Linux computer. Secure. Flexible. Powerful.

Perfect for Any Industry
Perfect for Any Industry
Perfect for Any Industry

Modular, Linux
touchscreen platform.

Used across the globe for everything
from self-service, point-of-sale and price
checkers to industrial controls and visitor
management, the I-Series platform
provides a versatile Linux touchscreen
computer to power almost any application.

Perfect for Any Industry
Perfect for Any Industry

Experience the Elo
approach to Linux.

With decades of development and
customizations made to support global
enterprise customers, Elo’s Linux-based
platform offers Linux device drivers,
uniform SDKs, a constantly growing set
of tools and an expansive lineup across
sizes and form factors.

One product.
Thousands of uses.

Linux device built for
Debian OS distributions.

Create your perfect POS system.

Transform the I-Series Linux computer into a
powerful, industrial-design POS system that
scales with your business.

Amazing touchscreen kiosks.

From self-order and self-checkout to order
pickup and virtual assistants, pair the
I-Series Linux device with a variety of
stands to create your perfect kiosk.

Build engaging brand experiences.

Build engaging brand experiences.

Educate buyers, create brand awareness
and drive purchases in store with an
easy-to-use Linux touchscreen platform
that can adapt as needs change.


Equipped with Rockchip 6-core processor
and your choice of Debian 10 OS distributions
or newer, the I-Series Linux computer delivers
the performance your business needs.

Commercial-grade performance.

Expand with
Edge Connect.

With the Elo Edge Connect system, you
can seamlessly attach any combination of
peripherals to the edge of the Linux
touchscreen, including payment devices,
cameras, barcode readers and more.

Do more with power
over ethernet (POE).

With the POE adapter, you can say goodbye to
your power adapter and the expense of power
drops. All you need is a POE-capable network
and to connect the POE adapter to the I-Series
Linux computer.


Get peace of mind
with EloCare.SM

From advance unit replacement to accidental
damage protection, EloCare delivers service
and support from the people who know your
Elo Linux device best.

  • Advance Unit Replacement
  • Extended Warranty
  • Accidental Damage Protection
  • Professional Services


  • Technical



Upgrades, add-ons, and more.
Image of item

Wallaby™ Pro Self-Service Stands

Image of item

Wallaby™ Self-Service Stands

Image of item

Slim Self-Service Stands

Image of item

Elo Edge Connect™ Status Light

Image of item

EMV Cradles

Image of item

Pole Stands

Image of item

Tabletop Stands

Image of item

Shelf Mount

Image of item

Elo Edge Connect™ Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)

Image of item

Temperature Sensor Pro (Discontinued November 2023)

Image of item

Elo Edge Connect™ Fingerprint Scanner

Image of item

Elo Edge Connect™ 3D Camera

Image of item

Elo Edge Connect™ Webcam

Image of item

Power-over-Ethernet (POE) Module (For I-Series 4)

Image of item

Android Expansion Module



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