The Elo Touch Solutions 8200 series high-performance controllers are designed to work specifically with Pro-G and Pro-F PCAP touchscreens. The 8200 series controller is compatible with Pro-G and Pro-F screens up from 7" to 22". The 8210 controller can support a passive stylus with tips as small as 1.0 mm and gloves up to 5mm thick.

Elo TouchPro 8200 controller
Designed for simple integration

The 8200 controller series supports up to 16 touches, has a dual-use connector for both USB and I2C interfaces. It is a full-speed, self-powered, USB device with Elo designed and configured firmware. The 8200 series controller is available in 10V RMS versions.

Fully Optimized

Elo's 8200 series controllers are designed and manufactured to work specifically with TouchPro PCAP touchscreens. They are optimized with Elo software and drivers to provide high reliability in a lower profile design. Using industry-leading control ICs, our controllers combines the best of mutual and self-capacitance architecture for enhanced liquid resistance and noise immunity.

Elo TouchPro 8200 controller


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